Key information

  • Transition to Independence Program (T2i) is a supportive after care program.
  • It’s for children and young people who have been in care, and who are transitioning into adulthood.
  • If you are aged 17–20 years, and have been in foster care, kinship care or residential care for at least two years since you were 14 years old, you can access this program.

How it works

We’ll listen and empower you to work out what supports are available to meet your needs. We’ll also connect you with services you need.

It’s a completely voluntary program, so it’s up to you if you want to use it.

You can get support and advice on:

  • keeping safe and healthy
  • access to funding for the things you need
  • accommodation and housing
  • relationships with family and friends
  • managing money and benefits
  • access to education, training and employment
  • extending carer payments so you can continue living with your carer
  • crisis support, if needed.

The Transition to Independence Program is sometimes called the T2i Program. The T2i Program team is based in the South, North and North West of Tasmania.


If you’d like to use the Transition to Independence program, please contact the team:

Phone: 1300 654 583