• How to record financial information for a business
  • How to prepare business financial statements
  • How firms use financial statements to run their businesses
  • How to better manage my own money.
  • Participate in practical accounting exercises
  • Prepare cash budgets and bank reconciliations
  • Use accounting packages and spreadsheets to prepare and analyse financial reports
  • Interpret accounting and financial information to make decisions for business purposes
  • Undertake finance related assignments, inquiry and tests.
  • Has a good ‘feel’ for numbers and who is numerically literate
  • Wants to understand the financial elements which guide business decision-making
  • Wants to understand what it’s like to work in a commercial environment.

Course Overview

You have

  • ‘A’ or ‘B’ (‘C’ in consultation with teachers) in Year 10 Australian Curriculum Mathematics and English.

TASC course

Accounting 3

May lead to

  • Further study and/or a career in accounting or business.