5 TCE credit points

Level: Level 1

Hours: 50

Type: TASC

Course overview

You have
TASC course
May lead to
  • No previous experience.
Financial Literacy 1
  • Further study in Business Studies Foundation or certificate courses in the business sector.

  • To become a more informed financial decision maker.
  • How to set and reach financial goals.
  • How to find and apply useful financial information.

  • Learn about the use of credit and debit cards.
  • Make informed decisions about the selection of a mobile phone plan.
  • Plan and budget for a trip or holiday.
  • Research, individually or in small groups, current business issues.

  • Is interested in making better use of their money.
  • Enjoys responding to practical financial challenges.
  • Wants to know more about the Australian economy and their place in it.