• About movement principles
  • How to perform solo and as a member of an ensemble
  • How to appraise dance works
  • About safe dance practices
  • How to compose/choreograph dances
  • About dance styles and history
  • Choreographic design skills
  • How to prepare for, and perform dance works
  • How to analyse and reflect on dance works.
  • Participate in warm ups and safe dance activities
  • Learn and explore choreographic and composition techniques
  • Expand and develop own movement vocabulary
  • Create sequences and dance works
  • Using personal movement vocabulary
  • Learn the principles of contemporary dance
  • View and respond to dance works of others
  • Review and analyse dance works.
  • Enjoys developing their creativity, kinaesthetic awareness, performance skills, analytical thinking and flexibility
  • Is confident performing in front of others
  • Enjoys contemporary dance.

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Course Overview

You have

  • A strong commitment to teamwork, rehearsal and performance obligations
  • Sound literacy skills
  • A strong interest in choreography and creative movement, prior dance training or success in Dance 2

TASC course

Dance Choreography and Performance 3

May lead to

  • A pathway to a career in dance performance or choreography.