• About the different styles and forms of writing e.g. poetry, short story, news article, monologue, memoir
  • To write for a variety of purposes, audiences and contexts
  • Composition, drafting and revision techniques
  • To respond to feedback through reflection and drafting
  • The ways writers employ writing techniques and styles to explore ideas and issues.
  • Study writers and their work
  • Study the craft of writing and the writing process
  • Explore text forms and genres and the way texts communicate ideas
  • Explore the impact of technology and the internet on writers and writing
  • Undertake a major writing project
  • Explore topics and writing forms of interest to me
  • Create imaginative and expository texts
  • Workshop my own and others writing.
  • Enjoys reading
  • Enjoys crafting imaginative texts and experimenting with compositional styles of writing
  • Is focused and works well independently and readily reflects on their own learning.

Course Overview

You have

  • ‘A’/ (or strong B in consultation with teachers) in Year 10 Australian Curriculum English or a rating of CA or above for English 2

TASC course

English Writing 3

May lead to

  • University studies: a Bachelor of Arts, International Studies, Visual Communication, Media and Communication, Journalism, Education, Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Applied Learning
  • A career as a writer: copywriting, content writing, screen writing, editing, journalism, speech writing, technical writing and creative writing
  • Vocational Education: Creative Industries, Hospitality , Tourism, Community Services, Early Childhood Education and Care, Information and Cultural Services.