• About an area of specialisation either:
    • Radio (radio, digital media).
    • Screen (TV, film, online content).
    • Print and digital media.
  • About communicating to an audience.
  • How to apply technical and production processes to create media narrative.
  • How to work in a media team.
  • About the use of a range of media technologies and techniques.
  • Skills for analysing and appreciating the media.
  • How to create media products for a purpose.
  • The codes and conventions of specific media.
  • Undertake roles in a media production team.
  • Apply technical skills on industry standard equipment and software.
  • Script media.
  • Use editing techniques.
  • Create media products.
  • Discuss workplace safety and OH&S issues.
  • Create products with regard to a particular audience.
  • Document evidence of technical skills with equipment.
  • Research media issues.
  • Discuss the role of media in society.
  • Explore writing and story-telling skills.
  • Prepare for the externally assessed folio and exam.
  • Enjoys creating media products.
  • Enjoys using technology.
  • Is interested in the role of the media.

Course Overview

You have

  • A strong interest in media production.
  • Technical skills in an area of specialisation and strong written skills are an advantage.

TASC course

Media Production 3

May lead to

  • Further studies at university level.