• About musical ideas and styles.
  • Compositional techniques, improvisation and arranging.
  • About developing performance skills.
  • Skills in musical analysis.
  • Listening (aural) skills.
  • Undertake solo performance (tutor provided where required and available).
  • Participate in ensemble playing (as required and available).
  • Complete assignments and tests.
  • Perform to the class and public.
  • Create recordings and videos.
  • Participate in creative tasks including composition, arrangement and/or improvisation.
  • Has studied music and music theory for a considerable period of time.
  • Has a solid understanding of music theory.
  • Wants to develop their musicianship and theoretical knowledge.

Course Overview

You have

  • Strong music literacy skills– the ability to read and write music.
  • Considerable and successful experience in music (e.g. successful completion of Year 10 music).

TASC course

Music 3

May lead to

  • Further music studies at university level.