• Artistic skills, processes and techniques particular to an art discipline.
  • Sense of curiosity, aesthetic knowledge, enjoyment and achievement.
  • Appreciation of my own and others’ artworks as a way to engage audiences and create meaning.
  • Respect for and knowledge of the diverse purposes, traditions, histories and cultures of The Arts by making and responding as critical and active participants, and informed audience members.
  • Create a stop/start filmed animation using clay sculptures.
  • Improvise dance movements to different styles of music to communicate ideas or feelings.
  • Learn and practice playing taiko drums and perform for audiences.
  • Attend a music concert and describe features I like or dislike.
  • Requires flexible and individualised programs.
  • Would benefit from learning artistic skills and creative expression.
  • To access achievable pathways to further education and training, a range of employment outcomes, or inclusion in appropriate community option settings.

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience.
  • An interest or desire to artistically express myself is recommended.

TASC course

Preliminary Arts Stage 3

May lead to