• To deepen and broaden my skills, technique and problem-solving skills in a specialist studio area.
  • To create and present an exhibition of my work.
  • To analyse artworks creatively and critically.
  • Use my art journal to plan my exhibition ideas.
  • Work on my specialist studio area techniques and skills.
  • Do research on art movements and artists.
  • Finish works ready for exhibition.
  • View artworks in an exhibition either digitally or live. 
  • Negotiate with my teachers as I plan my work. 
  • Use my analytical, creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Wants to pursue a career pathway based in the visual arts professional space. 
  • Is creative, curious and engaged with art culture. 
  • Can work in an independent way seeking feedback when necessary. 

Course Overview

You have

An interest in: 
  • Specialising and refining visual art skills.
  • A visual arts career in the creative and cultural sector.
  • Prior experience in Australian Curriculum Years 9-10 Visual Arts or Visual Art Level 2 is recommended. 

TASC course

Visual Art 3

May lead to

  • Art Theory and Criticism 3 or Art Studio Practice 3.
  • Further training or employment.
  • Fine Arts or other university pathways.