• Skills and knowledge required for the care of children in practical and theoretical contexts
  • Theories of child development
  • About the educational, social and ethical frameworks of child care environments.
  • Investigate how children develop and their stages of development
  • Learn how to interact appropriately with children, care providers, parents and others in the childcare environment
  • Design and implement safe and age-appropriate activities in the childcare environment
  • Implement safe and age-appropriate activities in the childcare environment
  • Develop understandings of the importance of health and hygiene, children’s play and how to guide children’s behaviour
  • Interview playgroups and/or childcare providers
  • Discuss topics related to child care
  • Implement safe and age-appropriate activities in a child care environment
  • Engage in optional studies which may include: careers with children; nutrition and health; children and technology; sustainable practices.
  • Is willing to actively participate in childcare environments (includes song, dance and dynamic engagement in activities with young children)
  • Has a genuine interest in children
  • Enjoys working with children.

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience
  • A willingness to be actively involved in group activities
  •  To acquire, or be able to acquire, a Working with Vulnerable People registration prior to placement.

TASC course

Working with Children 2

May lead to

  • A pathway to Certificate II in Community Services, Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care; as well as Introduction to Sociology and Psychology 2, Sociology 3 and Psychology 3
  • Further study leading to careers such as teaching, early childhood education, paediatric or child health nursing.