• About the nature of business.
  • About the importance of key business functions, including marketing, human resource and financial management.
  • The economic, environmental, ethical and governmental issues related to managing a business.
  • About the legal, social and technological issues which impact on business in Australia.
  • Participate in group discussions, presentations and activities.
  • Undertake assignments and practical tasks designed to develop understanding of business issues.
  • Research successful businesses as well as entrepreneurial traits and characteristics.
  • Prepare a feasibility study for a start-up business idea.
  • Is interested in marketing, human resource management and/or accounting and finance.
  • Wants to learn more about forms of business communication.
  • Wants to understand the world of business and is interested in learning the skills to influence the operations of a business.
  • Has well developed organisational skills.

Course Overview

You have

  • ‘A’ or ‘B’ (‘C’ in consultation with teachers) in Year 10 Australian Curriculum Mathematics and English.

TASC course

Business Studies 3

May lead to

  • Further study at university and/or future employment in areas such as finance, administration, marketing, management, economics and accounting.