• How to apply the lens of an art critic to analyse and evaluate works of art.
  • How to apply the perspective of an art curator to effectively manage artworks and artefacts in a professional setting.
  • The skills to analyse, interpret and evaluate historical contexts in relation to contemporary visual art.
  • What professional pathways are available in the creative and cultural industries.
  • Conduct investigations into historical or contemporary art movements.
  • Explore the social and cultural contexts of art to form opinions and draw conclusions.
  • Research roles within the creative industries that support, manage, critique and promote artists and visual artworks.
  • Apply an entrepreneurial mindset to direct own work methods.
  • Is interested in pursuing a career or further study in visual arts.
  • Wants to learn how visual art is influenced by the global community, cultural diversity and technology.

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Course Overview

You have

  • An interest in visual art, art history and critical analysis.
  • Competent English writing and research skills.

TASC course

Contemporary Art Practice 3

May lead to

  • Further study in the visual arts through vocational or tertiary pathways.
  • A career in the creative and cultural industries.