• The fundamental principles and theories of electrochemistry, thermochemistry, kinetics and equilibrium
  • What underlies the properties and reactions of organic and inorganic matter
  • To apply chemical and quantitative principles for analysis, interpretation and solve problems
  • To further appreciate the role and impact of chemistry in society.
  • apply knowledge and understanding of electrochemistry to predict reactions within batteries and the voltage produced
  • analyse for unknown concentrations of substances in household chemicals
  • use a variety of tests to identify unknown organic compounds
  • research and investigate how the rate and direction of reactions are manipulated to produce desired products.
  • wants to better understand the underlying chemistry within our world
  • would like to make informed decisions about science issues in society and your local community.

Course Overview

You have

  • A strong SA in Physical Sciences 3 or equivalent, and
  • A strong background in mathematics, e.g. Level 3 mathematics, is highly recommended

TASC course

Chemistry 4

May lead to

  • Further study or careers in chemistry, medicine, biotechnology, biochemistry, medical research, pharmacy and agricultural, environmental science agriculture, pharmacy, environmental science, engineering, health and medical science.

  • Please note Chemistry is a pre-requisite for many tertiary courses. Please check with each university for more information.