• How to compose, perform and record music and/or songs.
  • How to describe contemporary music styles.
  • How to market myself or an event as a creative entrepreneur.
  • Why aspects of the contemporary music industry, such as copyright, are so important. 
  • How to collaborate with others in a variety of contexts when making and performing music. 


  • Learn some different contemporary music styles. 
  • Learn how a typical pop song is made.
  • Rehearse a short piece of original music.
  • Design an event poster.
  • Perform an original song. 
  • Collaborate online with an industry professional. 
  • Wants to learn about the contemporary music industry. 
  • Wants to create and express themselves musically. 
  • Wants to learn collaboration and time management skills.

Course Overview

You have

  • Prior music, singing, performing or songwriting experience is recommended.

TASC course

Contemporary Music and Songwriting 2

May lead to

  • UCP Unit FCA 118 Songwriting. 
  • Level 2 or Level 3 Music.
  • Further study or employment.