• Design and systems thinking.
  • Engineering processes. 
  • Prototype development. 
  • Project management. 
  • About the engineering profession. 
  • The role of innovation and enterprise. 
  • Communication techniques. 
  • Respond to an engineering design challenge.
  • Pitch design ideas.
  • Create prototypes.
  • Work in a collaborative team.
  • Research. 
  • Apply STEM skills.
  • Explore existing, new and emerging technologies. 
  • Is interested in the design and systems thinking processes related to engineering.
  • Is interested in exploring engineering solutions relating to an area of personal interest.
  • Is interested in the practical application of Science, Technology and Mathematics concepts to Engineering. 

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Course Overview

You have

  • An interest in exploring real world problems.
  • A passion for applying STEM skills.
  • A desire to work collaboratively. 

TASC course

Engineering Design 3

May lead to

  • Further studies at university or in technical trades.
  • Development of transferable skills.