• About the professional writing industry.
  • The practices of published writers.
  • How to create a range of text types for different purposes, audiences, and contexts.
  • How to apply formatting and publishing guidelines to craft texts.
  • How to promote myself as a writer.
  • Learn to read like a writer.
  • Plan, draft and compose texts in different forms.
  • Craft stories for young audiences, script and screen plays and journalistic and social media texts.
  • Engage in writer’s groups and workshops.
  • Apply writing industry knowledge and skills.
  • Enjoys writing and wants to develop their creative writing skills.
  • Is interested in pursuing further study or a career in the creative writing industry or related fields.

Course Overview

You have

  • An interest in writing.
  • ‘C’ in Year 10 Australian Curriculum English is recommended.

TASC course

English Studio 2

May lead to

  • Further study in English, including Level 3 TASC courses.
  • A pathway to employment.