• About the refinement of skills and art techniques in one of the following studio areas:
    » Ceramics
    » Digital art and media
    » Drawing
    » Graphic design
    » Painting
    » Photography
    » Printmaking
    » Sculpture.
  • How to negotiate and plan an exhibition
  • How to complete a schematic overview.
  • Produce artworks
  • Create planning documents and schematic overviews
  • Communicate ideas and concepts through making art
  • Participate in group appraisal and critique forums to evaluate your own art and the artwork of others
  • Study relevant artists, styles and influences.
  • Wants to refine their high level art making skills
  • Has a strong sense of artistic direction
  • Enjoys preparing and conceptualising for exhibitions.

Course Overview

You have

  • Art Production 3 (or equivalent)

TASC course

Art Studio Practice 3

May lead to

  • A pathway to tertiary study at TasTAFE or university.