• The disciplines of sociology and psychology.
  • About society, behavioural sciences and culture and the various social interactions of individuals and groups.
  • Why people behave the way they do (individually and in groups).
  • The way human societies are structured and major issues facing these societies.
  • Theories and ideas to explain human actions and behaviours.
  • Investigate sociology as a study that seeks to explain human behaviour in contemporary social life.
  • Investigate psychology as a study that provides an understanding of human behaviour and the experiences of the individual.
  • Discuss key topics on sociology and psychology.
  • Use basic terms, concepts and ideas to describe human behaviour and motivation.
  • Apply appropriate theories to interpret evidence and information from a variety of sources.
  • Examine the forces that influence behaviour.
  • Investigate sociological and psychological concepts.
  • Investigate topics from the fields of sociology and psychology.
  • Is interested in developing understanding of themselves and other individuals, groups and institutions within society.
  • Is interested in a Level 2 course in the Behavioural Sciences that may also provide a pathway to further studies at Level 3.

Course Overview

You have

  • ‘C’ in Year 10 Australian Curriculum English.

TASC course

Introduction to Sociology and Psychology 2

May lead to

  • A pathway to Sociology 3 and Psychology 3 and further studies in psychology, sociology.
  • Career pathways in the community, social work and health sectors for students who are not necessarily planning a pathway to pre-tertiary study.