• To use business terms, concepts and processes.
  • To understand the internal and external forces which influence business.
  • To develop a business plan.
  • To understand the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Research the role of business in the Australian economy.
  • Identify how marketing, accounting and finance are important in business..
  • Apply models, techniques and processes to provide data and information for making business decisions.
  • Work with others to apply relevant business ideas in the development of a business plan.
  • Is interested in business and those who are successfully involved in business.
  • Wants to know more about establishing a small business.
  • Has well developed organisational skills.

Course Overview

You have

  • ‘C’ in Year 10 Australian Curriculum Mathematics and English.

TASC course

Business Studies Foundation 2

May lead to

  • Further study in Business Studies 3, Accounting 3, Economics 3 or certificate courses in the business sector.