• To create artwork in three different studios.
  • How to apply current art industry skills.
  • About the relationship between artwork, artistic ideas, techniques and professional practice.
  • How to apply creative entrepreneurship and communicate ideas, emotions and information through art.
  • Research the contemporary artworks of various artists and identify their similarities and differences.
  • Develop plans or follow a brief to complete artwork.
  • Analyse visual artworks to draw meaning from the information presented in images.
  • Select, organise and present artworks for exhibition.
  • Is interested in pursuing a career in the visual arts industry.
  • Wants to learn how visual art is influenced by the global community, cultural diversity and technology.

Course Overview

You have

  • An interest in visual art.

TASC course

Contemporary Art Practice 2

May lead to

  • Further study in the visual arts, such as Contemporary Art Practice 3.