This qualification provides the skills and knowledge needed for performing routine tasks in the music industry. You may work in places that require foundational skills in music performance, music making or composition, sound production or music business..

The job roles that relate to this qualification may include:

  • Studio assistant
  • Music retail assistant
  • Entry level performer
  • Entry level producer
  • Stagehand
  • Road crew.
  • About working in the music industry.
  • About writing, producing, performing and recording songs and music.
  • How to stay safe and healthy in the workplace.
  • About legal and copyright issues.
  • Write and perform an original piece of music or song.
  • Rehearse for a performance.
  • Practice my chosen musical instrument.
  • Provide sound reinforcement at gigs.
Has experience and interest in music.

This course is available at these Locations

Course Overview

You have

  • Experience and interest in music.

VET course

Certificate II in Music

May lead to

  • Further study.
  • Work in the music industry or other areas of interest.