• To consolidate my skills in listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing in Standard Australian English
  • To comprehend and create spoken, written and multi-modal texts for different purposes and audiences
  • To study and reflect on language and meaning in and through English
  • To consider how language influences my own and others’ personal, social and cultural identities and thought processes.
  • Use English to listen, speak, view, read and write
  • Discuss issues, ideas and attitudes that change across cultures and contexts
  • Create and present oral, written and multi modal texts to a range of audiences
  • Study texts and explore ways in which language choices shape meaning and influence audiences.
  • Wants to develop their understanding and use of the English language
  • Is interested in developing a greater understanding of communication and culture
  • Wants to develop the ability to participate fully in senior secondary courses
  • Is preparing for further study.

Course Overview

You have

  • A sound foundation in the use and comprehension of English as a second language or additional language or dialect
  • To check requirements for course entry, as outlined in the course document

TASC course

English as an Additional Language or Dialect 2

May lead to

  • Vocational and or further study including English as an Additional Language or Dialect 3.