• About engineering careers
  • Engineering Design and Design Thinking processes 
  • Project management processes 
  • How to build prototypes 
  • How to communicate with purpose 
  • About creating preferred futures
  • STEM skills 
  • Think creatively 
  • Brainstorm and pitch ideas
  • Use an Engineering Design process
  • Design and create prototypes 
  • Work as part of a collaborative team 
  • Solve an Engineering Design challenge
  • Explore existing, new and emerging technologies 
  • Wants to learn about the thinking and design processes related to engineering 
  • Enjoys hands-on, project-based problem solving 
  • Likes designing ways to make something better 

Course Overview

You have

An interest in: 
  • exploring how and why things work 
  • design thinking 
  • working with others 

TASC course

Engineering Design 2

May lead to

  • Engineering Design 3
  • Other Technologies courses