• How language works to help communicate what we want to say
  • How language can influence
  • How to use language to express and develop ideas in an effective way 
  • To show and understand information, ideas and issues in different ways 
  • To crate oral, written and multi-modal texts for different purposes, settings and audiences
  • To apply inquiry skills through transdisciplinary study of English 
  • How to use English to undertake research projects 
  • Apply communication and inquiry skills
  • Respond to and interpret information, ideas, issues and texts 
  • Study contemporary spoken, written and multimodal texts through transdisciplinary study of English 
  • Study a variety of English texts from different perspectives
  • Create oral, written and multimodal texts for different purposes, contexts and audiences
  • Investigate a national or local issue of interest through an individual negotiated study 
  • Wants to improve their English writing skills
  • Wants to create and respond to different types of English texts 

Course Overview

You have

  • 'C' in Year 10 Australian Curriculum English 

TASC course

English Inquiry 2

May lead to

  • Level 3 TASC courses, including English 3
  • Further study or employment