• To read routine texts (a text that provides information or instruction)
  • To use reading strategies to interpret routine texts
  • To produce written, routine texts
  • To use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar when writing a routine text
  • Recognise and understand specialised vocabulary used in routine texts
  • To review and share my work progress.
  • Read, identify and locate information from routine texts (letters, emails, manuals, instructions charts, rosters, graphs, tables, diagrams, spread sheets, maps, memos, accounts, reports)
  • Produce (plan, draft and write) a range of routine texts.
  • Wishes to improve their everyday reading and writing skills
  • Requires a well-structured and supportive learning program to develop their literacy skills.

Course Overview

You have

  • To complete an assessment at college to see if I meet the TASC requirements for entry into this course

TASC course

Essential Skills - Reading and Writing 2

May lead to

  • Pursue a pathway to further training or employment.