• In an inclusive and fun way to help improve skills and build knowledge of at least 4 different sport and recreation activities.
  • Through practical involvement in selected activities (including preparation and competition in rosters or events at a suitable level).
  • Take part in a team or individual game, sport, or recreation activity.
  • Set and reflect on personal goals related to sport and recreation activities.
  • Discuss safety issues around certain activities and their equipment.
  • Visit and use local facilities and how to get involved.
  • Wants to balance their academic study program with a physically active course.
  • Would like to work in an area with a focus on encouraging and supporting all genders.
  • Would like to do a range of different sports and recreation activities.
  • Likes to be part of a group culture and environment that is positive, inclusive and supportive.
  • Is interested in exploring opportunities for lifelong involvement in sport and recreation activities.

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience.
  • Sport and Recreation Experiences is designed to assist learners from all starting points to develop their personal skillset, motivation and enjoyment of recreation activities, and a range of techniques and tactics appropriate to selected sport activities.

TASC course

Sport and Recreation Experiences 1

May lead to

  • A wide range of personal, vocational and further education and training options.
  • A pathway to HPE course such as: Community Sport and Recreation Level 2; Athlete Development Level 2; Sport Science - Foundation Level 2; and Personal
    • Health and Wellbeing Level 2; and VET Certificates I or II in Sport and Recreation.
    • After completing Sport and Recreation Experiences, vocational pathways may include any role where physical literacy, healthy lifestyle, communication and positive team skills are valued.