• About technical knowledge and safety skills required to participate in adventure recreation and/or expedition experiences
  • Personal and social skills and how to operate as an effective group member
  • To set and reflect on personal goals related to various outdoor activities
  • The importance of sustainable practice to help protect our natural environments for future generations
  • About planning, logistics, nutrition, First Aid, navigation, weather interpretation and risk management considerations related to planning for outdoor recreation activities.
  • Undertake a variety of shorter in the field and classroom-based experiences
  • Prepare for specific adventure activities and/or expeditions, problem solving and team building exercises
  • Take part in activities which may include kayaking, rock climbing, bush walking, abseiling, caving, snorkelling, surfing, mountain biking and/or selfcontained expeditions
  • Prepare a digital or verbal presentation reflecting on my experiences and their impact
  • Do an overnight self-contained land and/or water journey-based expedition.
  • Enjoys unique and challenging experiences and has a sense of adventure
  • Has good time management and organisational skills to enable significant participation in at least five different outdoor activities
  • Likes completing new or tough tasks that provide a sense of achievement and satisfaction
  • Wants to test and develop their personal, interpersonal and technical skills.

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience
  • ‘C’ in Year 10 Australian Curriculum HPE or an SA in Outdoor Experiences 1.

TASC course

Outdoor Education 2

May lead to

  • Guiding, adventure tourism, natural science, training academies and Registered Training Organisations. The Defence Forces, State Police, Fire and Forestry Departments are also examples of employment areas in the public sector that rely on people with the skills and knowledge developed through studying this course.
  • A range of options in the adventure tourism industry and also may lead to further study such as Outdoor Leadership 3, Certificate III – Outdoor Recreation or tertiary studies.