• About issues and factors affecting personal wellbeing
  • About the significance of personal identity and positive relationships
  • To recognise behaviours that impact positively and negatively on personal health and wellbeing
  • How to recognise valid and relevant sources of health information to make informed personal life choices
  • To communicate personal views on a wide range of health related issues in various contexts.
  • Contribute to a small or large group discussion around issues that impact on young adults
  • Research online about ways to deal with identity and relationships
  • Review advertising clips designed to address risk taking behaviour in young people
  • Work on individual and group investigation projects (e.g. diet and nutrition, personal fitness, personal care, local facilities and support agencies, how to access health support)
  • Participate in a variety of practical recreational activities
  • Develop and report on progress in a personal wellbeing plan.
  • Has a keen interest in improving personal health and wellbeing and is prepared to record their personal activities, actions and reflections during the year in a Personal Wellbeing Plan
  • Wants to build on the experiences of Year 10 Australian Curriculum HPE
  • Has a willingness to be active and to participate fully in class discussions and recreational activities.

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience
  • ‘C’ in Year 10 Australian Curriculum HPE or an SA in Personal Care 1.

TASC course

Personal Health and Wellbeing 2

May lead to

  • Other 11/12 HPE courses such as Community Sport and Recreation 2, Sports Science Foundation 2, and Outdoor Education 2, as well as providing background to support the transition to studying Level 3 courses in the HPE area.
  • Undertake VET qualifications such as: Certificate II/III in Sport and Recreation; Certificate III in Fitness, and Certificate III in Aquatics and Community Recreation.