• To explore and apply the basic principles of chemistry to describe properties of matter
  • How we relate the basic principles of physics and practical data to describe natural phenomena
  • How to link experimental design with scientific understanding, and carry out and interpret experiments
  • The role and impact of chemistry and physics in society.
  • Investigate rocketry by measuring using physical data to describe the force, work and energy involved
  • Use practical observations and simple measurements to explain chemistry within reactions
  • Learn how to use basic chemistry or physics to explain phenomena
  • Research the role of scientists and the application of science in decision making.
  • Intends working in technical trades
  • Needs preparation for Physical Sciences 3
  • Wants to understand science issues in society and their local community.

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience, however an interest in developing scientific literacy skills is recommended

TASC course

Physical Sciences - Foundation 2

May lead to

  • Further study.
  • Careers in automotive engineering (trades), electrical engineering (trades), mechanics and physical sciences, or other areas where a practical knowledge of physics and chemistry is beneficial.