• The skills and knowledge to explore and understand an application of science in Tasmania
  • How to use problems solving and inquiry skills to answer questions about the world
  • How people apply science within the workforce 
  • Where an application of science is important for a Tasmanian community or industry 
  • To communicate what I have found scientifically 
  • Explore how we use science in the workplace to solve problems
  • Research and find an application of science in Tasmania that I have never considered 
  • Learn ways that scientists take samples and test them
  • Plan a set of practical experiments to find out something that always made me wonder 
  • Organise data to show exactly what I have found out and what more I need to know 
  • Is interested in the practical science skills that are used to explain and monitor what is around us in Tasmania
  • Likes to find their own answers by investigating a specific application of science 
  • Is planning to do a Level 3 or 4 Science 
  • Is interested in a career that needs critical thinking and inquiry skills 

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience
  • An interest or need to develop scientific literacy skills 

TASC course

Transdisciplinary Science 2

May lead to

  • Further study 
  • Careers that may need science skills and knowledge as it relates to Tasmania