Key information

  • Direct resourcing for students with disability 
  • Professional Learning for staff 
  • Specialist Services 

There is resourcing to support all DECYP schools to meet the needs of all learners. 

  • There are two main streams of direct resourcing for students with disability: 
    • Schools use their School Resource Package (SRP) for educational programs for all students. The funding is used to make educational adjustments for students with a range of needs, including students with disability. 
    • Our Educational Adjustments Funding Model gives schools extra resources to support the adjustments they are making in classrooms to meet their students’ needs. You can read more about how the Educational Adjustments Funding Model works
  • Resourcing and professional learning opportunities are available to all schools to build school staff capacity to identify and address the learning needs of individual students through differentiated teaching and learning. 
  • Targeted resources are available as required. This includes specialised teams, funds, programs and materials to assist schools in the educational adjustments they make for diverse learners. The specialist teams are detailed on the specialist services page. 
  • The specialist programs available to schools to help support students with disability include: