Adjusting assessments for students with disability

Assessment and reporting processes must be adjusted to support the needs of students with disability, just like all other parts of teaching and learning programs.

NAPLAN – Exemption

All students in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are expected to sit the NAPLAN tests. Adjustments are provided to students with disability to support access to the tests and encourage maximum participation.

However, in some case students may be exempted from (not have to do) one or more of the NAPLAN tests.

Exemptions may be granted for:

  • students with a language background other than English
  • students with a disability
  • students who have a parent/carer with religious beliefs or philosophical objections to testing.

In all cases, schools need to discuss the proposed exemption with the student’s parent/carer and gain their permission prior to the testing period.

Email to request an exemption from completing NAPLAN for a student.

Assessment and Reporting – TASC Modifications

The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) is an independent statutory office responsible to the Tasmanian Minister for Education, Children and Youth.

TASC is responsible for the development of appropriate standards, the accreditation of courses, and the assessment and certification of student achievement in senior secondary schooling across all educational sectors in Tasmania.

Find out more at TASC – Students with Special or Additional Needs.