For families

Would you like your child to have the opportunity to make friends, learn and build confidence?

If so, Working Together offers free places in a fun, caring and safe education and care centre – also sometimes known as a childcare centre.

Registrations are now open for 2023, with limited places available.

To see if you’re eligible to take part, visit the “How do I get involved?” section below.

What is Working Together?

For eligible children, Working Together:

  • Is free
  • Offers 2 – 3 days of early learning per week for children
  • Is available to children in their year before Kindergarten
  • Provides support to families to participate in the program
  • Is delivered through education and care services (sometimes known as childcare centres) in the following locations:
    • North West – Burnie, Ulverstone and Devonport
    • North – Launceston
    • South – Brighton, Southern Midlands (Bagdad), Glenorchy and Kingborough

Working Together supports children to be confident, creative and to thrive in strong, connected communities.

The benefits for children

The benefits for children

Working Together is a great way for your child to:

  • Make friends
  • Play and thrive
  • Build confidence and independence
  • Learn and try new things
  • Prepare for school
  • Build routines

Taking part in early learning programs helps set a child up for a great start in life and healthy future!

I couldn’t be more happy than seeing my child develop into someone who’s happy to make friends and isn’t as shy as he used to be. He’s developed so much.

He’s becoming more independent and self-confident as well. Before it used to be – “I’m scared mum, I can’t do it”

Now it’s – “I can do it!”

Working Together Parent

The benefits for families

Working Together can give families a chance to:

  • Connect with other families and their community
  • Have some time for self-care
  • Have time to pursue areas of interest

Working Together can also provide extra support for families to:

  • Have someone to chat to about concerns they might have
  • Have someone to go to appointments with them
  • Access transport assistance to get their child to the education and care centre
  • Connect with other support services
  • Look into study or getting a driver’s licence
  • Have someone to help build confidence in with making decisions
  • Connect with their local primary school

Can my child take part?

To take part in Working Together, children must be:

  • Three years old on or before 1st of January in the year they will take part
  • In their year before Kindergarten
  • Not currently enrolled with an early childhood education and care service (sometimes known as childcare) 

And meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have parents/primary carers who hold a Health Care Card
  • Identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Receive support or interventions from the Child Safety Service
  • Have two or more concerns identified through the Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS)

Is Working Together in my area?

There are 19 childcare services across Tasmania delivering Working Together. Find the closest service near you.

When can we start?

Eligible children can start in February of their year before Kindergarten. 

How do I get involved?

To find out if you are eligible:

Following a great response from parents, carers, and community partners, Working Together has received a large number of referrals for 2023. The program’s Engagement Workers are now working through these to finalise placements for 2023, with limited spaces remaining.

As a result, as of 5th December 2022, Working Together will continue to accept, and confirm we have received, new referrals for 2023. However, full family engagement will not occur unless a placement is available.  Where a space is, or becomes available, Working Together Engagement Workers will directly contact families on the waitlist in that area to further discuss your child’s referral.