• The scholarship provides $25,000 to help meet the costs associated with studying an accredited speech pathology program.
  • Our speech and language pathologists play a key role in supporting students’ communication and learning.
  • We are committed to supporting the education, training and careers of speech pathologists and other allied health professionals in Tasmania.

Who is eligible?

The scholarship is available to students who are:

  • currently enrolled in their final year of an accredited speech pathology entry to practice program at an Australian university; and
  • expected to complete all requirements of their course in 2024.

You must also demonstrate that you will be eligible for employment as a DECYP Speech and Language Pathologist when you have successfully completed your studies.  See the scholarship guidelines for full details about eligibility (PDF, 20kB).

How do I apply?

Eligible students are encouraged to apply for a permanent Graduate Speech and Language Pathologist position advertised on the Jobs Tasmania website.

The advertisement will provide you with the opportunity to apply for the scholarship.

Scholarships will be awarded, based on merit, to eligible students who are deemed suitable for employment through our merit-based employment selection process.

There are limited places, and an offer of employment does not guarantee that you will be awarded a scholarship.

What are the scholarship conditions?

Scholarship recipients will be asked to sign an agreement with the Department for Education, Children and Young People (DECYP). This sets out the terms and conditions of your scholarship. This includes the requirement to complete a minimum of two years’ employment as a DECYP Speech and Language Pathologist in a specified region, including a six-month probation period. You will be asked to indicate your employment region preference when you complete your online job application.

You will be required to repay any scholarship funding you have received if you do not meet the requirements set out in the scholarship agreement. Please note you cannot be in receipt of the Tasmanian Department of Health’s allied health scholarship concurrent with the DECYP speech pathology scholarship.

How is scholarship funding paid?

Scholarship recipients will receive $25,000 to support the costs of your study.

Scholarship funding will be provided in three payments as follows:

  • $5,000 on accepting an offer of employment as a DECYP Speech and Language Pathologist and signing the scholarship agreement
  • $10,000 on commencement of employment
  • $10,000 on completion of two years’ service as a DECYP Speech and Language Pathologist, including a six-month probation period.

Find out more

For more information, please contact ls.ss@decyp.tas.gov.au.