Who are members of the association?

The following people are automatically members of their school association:

  • all parents (parents or guardians who have children or young people enrolled at the school)
  • all staff (permanent and fixed-term employees at the school), including the principal.

Community members who do not have a child enrolled at the school need to apply to become a member of the school association.

Why is the association important?

The association allows members to share their knowledge and skills. Members can work with the principal to achieve shared outcomes for learners and the whole school.

Parent and community engagement in the school is important, as it:

  • creates a collaborative culture within the school
  • uses existing community strengths to benefit all learners
  • enhances teamwork between staff, parents and the community
  • role models good citizenship to learners
  • inspires and helps learners to succeed
  • helps create better understanding between the local community and school
  • facilitates a good understanding of the value and benefits of education
  • provides adult learning opportunities
  • supports opportunities for creative thinking
  • creates community support.

Research shows that children do better at school when their families are involved and engaged in their education.

What is the school association committee?

Each school association has a committee. School association members choose the people to sit on the committee through elections. The committee represents the school association and carries out administrative and decision-making activities. Committee members work with the school to:

  • develop school policies and improvement plans
  • shape school objectives, priorities, strategic directions and values
  • plan the financial arrangements to support these activities
  • check the school’s performance on these activities
  • select the principal, where a permanent vacancy exists
  • foster the value and benefits of education
  • encourage co-operation among teachers, students, parents and the school community.

Visit the School Association Committees page to find out more.

How can I be involved in the association?

As a member of the association you can:

  • attend general meetings of the association
  • nominate for the association committee
  • where they exist, join a subcommittee of the association committee
  • support association events or fundraising.

Need more information?

  • Contact your school or college, including:
    • any current member of your school association committee
    • the principal or staff at your school
  • Contact the Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO) at info@tasso.org.au, or on (03) 6243 7718
  • Email your enquiry to schoolassociations@decyp.tas.gov.au, or
  • Phone the Department for Education, Children and Young People on 1800 816 057 (free call).