• To apply capabilities of decision making, thinking globally, risk management and self-regulation to an inquiry
  • To apply critical and creative thinking to a transdisciplinary inquiry
  • To work individually and collaboratively, using effective strategies and skills for time management, planning and organising
  • To reflect on processes, new learnings and feedback, and transfer knowledge into new contexts.
  • Formulate an inquiry question and plan the inquiry
  • Conduct in-depth research into an area of interest
  • Investigate and record information and resources, analyse and synthesise the data and draw conclusions from the inquiry.
  • Enjoys planning and managing their own learning
  • Has a passion they would like to pursue through an inquiry process.

Course Overview

You have

  • The capacity for self-directed learning
  • A minimum ‘B’ standard in Australian Curriculum English at Year 10
  • Strong research methods, the ability to analyse primary and secondary sources and draw conclusions
  • To take part in a selection process

TASC course

Student Directed Inquiry 3

May lead to

  • A pathway to university study in any learning area or to work.