• About issues faced by families and communities in today’s society.
  • How actions by government, communities, families and individuals have an impact on resolving issues.
  • About the role of community organisations in responding to social issues.
  • How to contribute to community organisations by direct participation.
  • How social and cultural differences contribute to public debate.
  • About the ideas, values and perspectives of myself and others.
  • Look at a social issue related to family, community; health; income and poverty.
  • Propose a practical project to investigate.
  • Look at social and cultural diversity in Australia.
  • Look at issues related to:
    » Population and migration
    » The influence of technology
    » Societies and environments
    » Children or aged care
  • Create a portfolio on a community project
  • Complete assignments in a range of
    formats that may include:
    » Flow charts
    » Visual maps
    » Posters, collage
    » Electronic or multi-modal presentations
    » Oral presentation
    » Reports.
  • Is interested in social issues of today.
  • Is well organised and enjoys engaging in community projects.
  • Enjoys working with others.

Course Overview

You have

  • To be willing to work in projects that reflect the nature of community issues.

TASC course

Exploring Issues in Society 2

May lead to

  • Further studies in Working with Children 2; Introduction to Sociology and Psychology 2; Community Service Learning 2; Sports Science Foundation 2; Personal Health and Wellbeing 2; Health Studies 3; Food and Nutrition 3.
  • Work and further studies in community service, food and nutrition, health and well-being.