• A variety of skills and knowledge through practical involvement in 2 or more selected fitness activities.
  • How to develop physical literacy.
  • To develop the confidence and capacity to maintain lifelong positive involvement in fitness activities.
  • Complete an individual or training group workout as part of a series of training sessions designed to meet your personal fitness goals
  • Discuss and negotiate plans and adjustments to your personal fitness program
  • Have a small or large group discussion about actions that contribute to building a fitness environment that is positive, inclusive and supportive
  • After training have a short discussion about the factors and opportunities for lifelong fitness
  • Try different types of training or facility
  • Complete a 5 minute reflection after your session using a phone app or online journal tool.
  • Wants to balance their academic study program with a physically active course.
  • Would like to work in an area with a focus on encouraging and supporting both genders.
  • Would like to improve their own personal fitness, physical health and mental health.
  • Enjoys being physically active, working and training both individually and with others.
  • Wishes to explore the field of fitness as an enjoyable and healthy personal option.
  • May be interested in investigating a career in the fitness industry.
  • Would like to try an introductory course within the Sport group of courses of the HPE suite.

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience.
  • Fitness Experiences is designed to assist learners from all starting points to develop their personal skillset and knowledge of various fitness activities and training techniques.

TASC course

Fitness Experiences 1

May lead to

  • A wide range of personal, vocational and further education and training options.
  • A pathway to HPE courses such as: Athlete Development 2; Sport Science - Foundation 2; and Community Sport and Recreation 2; and VET Certificates I or II in Sport and Recreation.
  • Vocational pathways which may include any role where physical literacy, a balanced healthy lifestyle, and positive communication skills are valued.