• How to speak and listen in basic Japanese
  • How to read and write in basic Japanese
  • Explore the culture, traditions and customs of Japanese-speaking communities
  • How my life is similar or different to the lives of others the same age in Japanese-speaking countries
  • Use basic vocabulary and structures to read, write, speak, view and listen to Japanese
  • Talk about myself, my family and friends, daily life, school, part time employment, travel, media and future plans
  • Think about how learning Japanese can improve my literacy skills
  • Explore and research Japanese and Australian culture
  • Is interested in living and learning as part of a global community
  • Enjoys communicating and connecting with Japanese speakers and communities
  • Is open to developing new perspectives and cultural understanding

Course Overview

You have

No previous experience


Japanese 2

May lead to

  • Further study such as Japanese Level 3
  • Global work opportunities in areas such as tourism, marketing, retail, hospitality, business, education and communications, diplomacy and the arts