• To identify education, training, work and leisure activities that suit me , and how to access these
  • To plan and set goals for the future
  • To undertake simple tasks in real or simulated workplaces
  • To communicate and interact with others in work-related contexts.
  • Write my resume and work on my Pathway Plan
  • Learn about occupational health and safety
  • Develop work skills by practicing routines
  • Role play job interviews
  • Attend taster days and visit workplaces.
  • Requires a flexible and individualised program
  • Would like to increase their opportunities for volunteer or paid work.

This course is available at these Locations

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience
  • An interest in developing my work skills
  • A willingness to contribute to my community

TASC course

Preliminary Access to Work Stage 2

May lead to

  • Access achievable pathways to further education and training, a range of employment outcomes, or inclusion in appropriate community option settings.