Education and care for children outside of normal school hours, including before or after school and non-school days

Where to start

  • Talk to your child’s education and care service, teacher, or principal to find out if Outside School Hours Care is offered at the school or close by.
  • You can find child care services near you on the Starting Blocks website
  • You may wish to talk to educators at different OSHC services to decide which one best fits your family.
  • Find out if you are eligible for a Child Care Subsidy on the Services Australia website. 

Did you know?

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services are important for many children and their families. Many school sites and some family day care centres offer OSHC. These services are for children aged between 5 to 12 years.

OSHC services may provide before-school care, after-school care or care during non-school days. The availability of care is different across individual services. 

OSHC services are run by education and care professionals nearby or on school premises.
Services partner with the school community and are assessed for quality and monitored by the Department.

Benefits for your child

  • time to relax, play and have fun 
  • a place to develop friendships and learn how to relate to others 
  • opportunities to try new things, visit new places and learn new life skills 
  • a range of activities for your child to choose from 
  • somewhere that your child is valued and accepted just as they are. 

Benefits for you

Using approved education and care services allows parents to access the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy (CCS), if they meet eligibility criteria  

The Australian Government’s CCS replaced Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate on 1 July 2018.CCS is available to help eligible parents with the cost of care. Visit the following websites for more information: 

Outside School Hours Care programs provide

  • a safe place for your child 
  • opportunities to discuss your child’s needs with educators 
  • a program that supports your child’s learning and development 
  • a partnership approach with you, focusing on your child’s health, confidence and wellbeing 
  • access to Child Care Subsidy to assist with fees if you are eligible. 

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) at your child’s school

  • OSHC services are operated by education and care professionals who are employed by approved providers. 
  • Authorised education and care services are mostly approved under the Education and Care Services National Law 2011 (Tas) and regulated under the National Quality Standard. Other authorised education and care services are approved through the Child Care Act 2001 (Tas) and regulated against the Child Care Standards. 
  • Providers are approved to operate by the Education and Care Unit of the Department for Education, Children and Young People. Services are assessed for quality and monitored under legislation. 
  • Many OSHC services have strong links with their local school communities and other support agencies. 
  • OSHC services and schools together provide a flexible approach that supports the education and care of children and the needs of families. 

Where can I get more information?

Information about Outside School Hours Care services available in your local community can be obtained from: