PRC for schools

Running the Premier’s Reading Challenge at your school


Schools can sign up for the Challenge by completing the form. Only one sign-up is required per school.

The PRC Application

After your school has signed up, the PRC Coordinator will be able to register students through the PRC Application and mark them as having participated at the end of the Challenge.

Staff in Government schools can use their existing personal logins to access the PRC Application.

Non-Government schools will be emailed their username and password so they can access the PRC Application.

Ideas for encouraging students

There are lots of ways for you to help encourage students to not only participate in the Challenge, but also keep their motivation levels high when they do. 

  • include information about the Challenge and regular updates in the school newsletter
  • publicly recognise students who are participating or present a school award when students complete the Challenge – check out the PRC Well Done and Excellent Effort certificates under our Resources page.
  • celebrate individual reading achievements throughout the Challenge for students who reach a personal goal, encourage or support others with reading, or choose to read above and beyond
  • Use the school’s Home Reader Program to encourage parents to support the Challenge and monitor their child’s progress during the year
  • students’ photos can be displayed on a special board
  • students can place a star next to their name on a chart when they have read a book
  • include reading time in your daily classroom program
  • encourage students to write reviews of books they have read and to share these with other students
  • incorporate the Challenge into home reading and home learning
  • create in-house rewards systems for student participation and achievement.