Find out about taking part in the Premier’s Reading Challenge

Your challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is a personal challenge – not a competition.   

How many books will you read in 10 weeks? Set your personal reading goal for the Challenge and see how you go!

It doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you are reading.  You are free to choose books you want to read for the Challenge.  To help you get started be sure to check out the books we have recommended in our Challenge Booklists

You can read books in a variety of formats including print, digital, audiobooks and graphic novels. For younger children, a book that is read to them counts toward their total.

Larger chapter books can be counted as more than one book – please talk to your teacher or parent about how many chapters or pages can be counted as “one book”.

Completing the Challenge is something to be proud of!

Book Reviews

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