Conflict of Interest Procedure (PDF, 511 KB)
This procedure outlines the considerations and actions that must be undertaken to manage, resolve, eliminate or avoid conflicts of interest.

Enquiries and Complaints Management Policy (PDF, 582 KB)

Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Policy (PDF, 705 KB)
This policy sets out the broad principles to be applied by and to all Tasmanian State Service officers and employees in relation to the offer, acceptance or refusal of a gift, benefit or hospitality.

Public Interest Disclosures Procedures (PDF, 1117 KB)
These procedures establish a system for reporting disclosures of improper conduct or detrimental action by members, officers or employees of DECYP and are intended to assist employees to understand the way in which the Act operates and needs to be administered.

Restrictive Practices Policy (PDF, 505 KB)
This policy ensures standards around restrictive practices that align with contemporary best practice; promotes inclusive education in DECYP schools and sets out expectations of school staff in managing at-risk behaviour.

Restrictive Practices Procedure (PDF, 669 KB)
This procedure outlines the restrictive practices that are and are not permitted to be used in Tasmanian Government Schools; staff obligations around reporting, notification and oversight of these practices and the expectations on school staff to manage at-risk behaviour of students in this context.

Right to Information Policy and Procedures (PDF, 694 KB)
This document details DECYP policy and procedures regarding disclosure of information held by DECYP.