• The underlying principles of chemistry and the fundamentals of reacting quantities
  • The underlying principles of physics and how they are modelled mathematically
  • How to represent and interpret data when inquiring into a system
  • The role and impact of physics and chemistry in society.
  • Perform experiments to explore the principles of force
  • Research the properties of carbon and why it is the basis of life
  • Investigate the properties of radioactive sources
  • Create, analyse and interpret data to identify properties of a substance.
  • Needs to enrol into Physics 4 and Chemistry 4 in Year 12
  • Would like to understand physics and chemistry within their lives
  • Would like to make informed decisions about science issues in society and their local community.

Course Overview

You have

  • ‘B’ (or ‘C’ in consultation with teachers) in Year 10 Australian Curriculum Science, Mathematics and English. Successful completion of this course relies on a strong mathematical background

TASC course

Physical Sciences 3

May lead to

  • Further study and careers in many university courses including those in health sciences, environmental science and engineering, including Australian Maritime College science degrees.